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Welcome to the Ministry of Transportation Ontario’s Registry, Appraisal & Qualification System (RAQS), an electronic procurement portal for Engineering Service Providers in the areas of Planning, Engineering and Construction Administration. Eligible pre-qualified Engineering Services Providers can respond to the contract opportunities posted on this portal.


Solicitation Number Solicitation Title Location Published Date Closing Date
3019-Z-0013 Natural Sciences Services - Large Value Retainer Western, Ont., CAN 08-Jul-2020 12-Aug-2020
3019-Y-0119 Construction Administration Services for Design-Build Contract 2020-3011 Western, Ont., CAN 08-Jul-2020 05-Aug-2020
3020-C-0128 Construction Administration Services for Capital Contract 2020-3044 Western, Ont., CAN 08-Jul-2020 12-Aug-2020
4020-E-0012 Foundations and Geotecnical Services Retainer Eastern, Ont., CAN 26-Jun-2020 30-Jul-2020
4020-E-0016 2nd Order Vertical Control Eastern, Ont., CAN 25-Jun-2020 17-Jul-2020
6020-Z-0001 Preliminary Design, CPR Overhead at Terrace Bay Structural Replacement. Northwestern, Ont., CAN 24-Jun-2020 10-Jul-2020
5020-C-0154 5020-C-0154 Highway 17 Rehabilitation Northeastern, Ont., CAN 17-Jun-2020 17-Jul-2020
2019-Z-0074 Intelligent Transportation Systems - Smart Mobility/ CAV Retainer Assignments Central, Ont., CAN 12-Jun-2020 31-Jul-2020
3020-C-0097 West Region Construction Administration for Contract 2020-3022 Western, Ont., CAN 12-Jun-2020 15-Jul-2020
4020-Z-0010 Structural Services Retainer Eastern, Ont., CAN 11-Jun-2020 15-Jul-2020
6019-Z-0023 Planning and Design Bridge Engineering Large Value Retainer Services Northwestern, Ont., CAN 10-Jun-2020 15-Jul-2020
5020-C-0023 5020-C-0023 Highway 579 and 668 Northeastern, Ont., CAN 09-Jun-2020 10-Jul-2020
6019-C-1085 Construction Contract Administration Services for Contraact 2020-6011 Northwestern, Ont., CAN 09-Jun-2020 09-Jul-2020
3020-C-0027 West Region Construction Administration for Contracts 2020-3041 and 2020-3042 Western, Ont., CAN 03-Jun-2020 15-Jul-2020
2019-E-0078 Electrical Development Services on Retainer Central, Ont., CAN 12-May-2020 15-Jul-2020
There are no open solicitations at this time.
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